Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kinley's FIRST day of school!!

This is my super adorable little poser McKinley.
This was her first ever day of school!
She absolutely LOVES school.
She asks everyday if today is a school day.
She will love it next year when she goes to school 5 days a week instead of 2.

I took first day of school pictures of Travis too,
but I will spare him the embarrassment of posting them
since he is a teenager now!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Cute little Ty was watching Spider Man with Travis the other day.
I came home to see him watching like this.
I guess he felt better with his eyes covered. Hahaha
I had to take pictures cause he was just too cute!!
Spider Man is still a little too scary for him.


This is my sweet Kinley just being cute!
I didn't get her hair done so she put her hat on. I love it!

We went to Old Navy and they had this in the front of the store.
My kids are super good sports and smiled for a picture!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bye Bye Nackies

Anyone who knows Ty very well knows he has an addiction. That's right my poor 2 year old is addicted to fruit snacks. Not just any fruit snack. They must be Welch's fruit snacks otherwise it doesn't count. To Ty these are called "Woot Nacks or Nackies" when I tried to offer him any other kind of fruit snack he would say "NO, WOOT NACKS!" On a normal day he would eat 4-10 packs of these babies. I guess he didn't really EAT them.....he SUCKED on them. Not good, I know. Fruit snacks turned into his comfort item. He wanted them first thing in the morning, last thing at night and all day in between, especially when he got scared or tired.

So last week the whole family (except Jeremy) made a trip to the dentist. Everyone did fairly good but poor Ty. Bet you can't guess? He has MAJOR tooth decay. OUCH! So now I am weening him off of his nackie addiction. This is not an easy chore but we are getting through it. We also have to brush his teeth really good twice a day and he has to take fluoride pills before bed. We go back in 6 months. If his teeth are any worse at that visit then we will have to take him to a Pediatric Dentist to get him put under and do extensive work on his teeth.

I feel so bad that I have done this to him. I am the enabler. Now all I can do is my best to make his teeth healthy.

Goof balls!

Wow these two make me laugh! Ty found these glasses and wore them around the other day. He was so funny. These are the glasses you get from the movie theater when you watch 3D movies. Ty looks cute in them now but he refused to wear them to watch the movie.

Poor Kinley, you can totally tell she has crazy eyes with those glasses on. We are still patching and hoping to get her lazy eye corrected.

Fun in the Sun!

How cute are these kids?!! I have to admit we have not spent much time at this (main street) splash park. This park gets so packed it's almost not even fun. I finally broke down and took the kids a few times. We have had a blast!

Along with splash parks we have spent lots of time at swimming pools lately. Last week my kids went swimming 4 times at 3 different pools. My kids are like fish. They love to get their life jackets on and swim there little hearts out. I tried to put them in a kiddie pool but McKinley says they are not fun. She likes to "get her whole body wet." Funny girl. Unfortunately I do not have pics of them swimming cause I was in the pool with them. Mommy likes water too!!