Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burnt Bow Tutorial (this is for you, Valerie)

Items needed to get started:
Piece of satin fabric (I was told the cheaper the better)
Scissors, Glue gun, Lighter or match, Candle, Ribbon, Prong clips & Brads
Cut satin into various sized circles.
Light your candle and singe all the way around the fabric.
You do not have to put it in the flame just in the heat.
This is what they look like after burned.
Use the brad to poke through all the layers of fabric from smallest to largest.
After the last piece, open the brad. It will look like this.
Then glue the ribbon covered hair clip onto the back.
Viola!! The finished product!!
Valerie let me know if you have any questions.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun with hair!

Check out my adorable little girl!
Last night we decided to have some fun and braid her hair.
I have to admit it wasn't all my idea. My sister-in-law did this with her daughter.
This is how it looked this morning.
This is her after the braids were taken out
From the front...
And the back!
Too cute!
Kinley went to school this morning and she is the only girl there.
She didn't want to be too girly,
so she wore her multi-colored skirt instead of her pink one!
That's not too girly is it???

Insects & Indians

In our neighborhood we are doing a joyschool for our kids.
Preschool is so expensive a few of us chose this instead.
Last week was my turn to teach and I had letter I.
What do you do for letter I? Well we decorated insect boxes.
We went on an insect hunt. Made our own insects.
And we made indian head bands.
We had SO much fun!
This is the kids with their insect boxes and indian headbands!
Aren't they adorable kids?!

My Creativity

So I am not a creative person. Never have been...don't claim to be.
This is about the extent of it.
I usually just copy what I see when I do crafts but I came up with this all on my own.
I know it's not much to brag about but I was impressed with myself.
These are just more zipper bows.
The above zipper bow is supposed to be a butterfly.
Kinley loves this one!

These ones are not creative. Just some more that I made for a friend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gettin' my craft on!

I look a long break from crafting and decided it was time to get back to it!
I wanted to make these cute zipper bows. I also made some smaller burned flowers.
And I had lots of organza that was already cut out so I made these pom-pom ones too.
Kinley loves all of them, of course. She wears the zipper ones daily.
Once I got started I just kept on going. Most of the fabric is already cute so I just need to put it together. The problem is....Kinley has way to many bows already.
I don't know what to do with all of these.
I gave some of them away for a birthday!
I made myself some cute headbands too! I love these.
Now I need to wear them!

Fire Station

Last month for preschool we were learning the letter F.
One of the teachers for that week arranged a field trip for the kids.
This top pic is of most the the cute kids learning fire safety.
This is the lady that gave us our tour. She was really cool!
She got dressed in all of her fire gear including the mask to show the kids that she is not scary.
She then crawled next to each of them and taught them to yell and hit her so she would know they were there in case of a fire.
This in not a very good picture but it is the kids inside the fire truck!
Again not a great picture. The sun was so bright.
The kids sitting on front of the engine for a photo op.
Too bad the sun was so bright and the only camera we had was my phone.
All in all it was a great day at the fire station and the kids learned a lot!